• A.R.C.S

      • A.R.C.S is a fun shooting strategy game about the war of resources. Command a squad of mercenaries to protect your base, complete every mission to defense the last outpost.

        Intergalactic wars blight the galaxy. An endless battle waged by Megacorps, Robots, Aliens, Fanatics, and Mutants. Each faction trying to gain, and retain control of resources. Resources needed to feed the ever so hungry orbital factories of the universe.

        Over story starts in the control-room of the human outpost on A.R.C.S 20/1077. Report by the Worthless com-officer, the atmosphere was disturbed by a strong instability. It seem like never ending plasma storms. but the instability is moving, and it's not just a storms but something else.

        You play as the commander of A.R.C.S, there is a small number of contacts heading your way. Make sure nobody and nothing gets beyond the outer perimeter. Soon there will be a larger unit of unknown configuration approaching, so get your weapons ready and prove your shooting skill.

        To play this game, you need to aim the enemies with the mouse, click or hold down the mouse button to shoot, switch weapons by using the Left and Right keys. You can also use the UP key to reload your weapon manually.

        Your weapon's crosshair will show you its shot radius, and the ammo left until it automatically reloads. You can upgrade your weapons and base facilities once you accomplished the mission.

        Tip: Concentrate fire on enemy groupings to hit multiple target with a single shot.
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      • A.R.C.S
      • Category: Defense, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-05-13
      • Played: 4,247 views
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