• Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend

      • Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend is a addicting violent side view fighting game, battle 5 different armies, cutting enemies in half, decapitating them, impaling them on spears, kicking heads at them… At the end of each level, there is a skilled boss to beat, with their own fighting moves, appearance, voice and death animation.

        Starting from long time ago, in what is now known as modern greece, king agamemnon commanded a fearsome army that conquered many a land. He relished in his victories and looked for any excuse to go to war.

        Among his army, was achilles, a warrior feared around the world. Said to be the son of a Nymph, it was rumoured that after birth he had been dipped into the river styx, making him invincible. It was said that achilles' mere presence on a battlefield would strike fear and grief into the opposing army.

        This reputation was built over years as achilles the greek army spilled the blood of many a soldier, in many different lands...
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      • Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2012-07-10
      • Played: 1,419 views
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  • How to Play Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend

      • WASD – Movement
        K – Swipe/Stab
        L – Kick
        P – Pause
        Controls customisable within the game. More instructions in the game
        My tips for beating 2 swordsmen standing right next to each other:
        a) Use shield to get close then break a knee of one, then back away and then kill the other.
        b) use a running shield bash to knock over one, then kill the other
        c) use a jumping attack to kill one of them.
        d) Throw a spear at them
        e) kick a head at them to knock one over and kill the other