• Amateur Action Super Fishing

      • If you are a big fan of fishing, then Amateur Action Super Fishing is definitely the game that will suit all your needs and wishes. You will experience a lot of fun features and to enjoy the pure fun of real fishing action without leaving your home.

        Amateur Action Super Fishing is an addicting and challenging fishing game where you starting out in all the usual fishing spots, under a bridge on the lake or creek you know. Toss out your lure into the pond and then jerk when the fish bites and then get ready to fight the fish, once caught reel it in before it gets away.

        Fish will cross from side to side and it's your mission to nab them and sell each catch to upgrade your bait or tackle. Completing missions will unlock new fishing spot. Each spot has its own store, you can purchase various lures and other items with the money you earned.

        Your ultimate goal is to defeat all giant fish and learn how to fish and become a professional fisherman in this fishing simulation game! Hope you guys have fun!
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      • Amateur Action Super Fishing
      • Category: Simulation | Time Management
      • Launched: 2012-06-30
      • Played: 2,869 views
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  • How to Play Amateur Action Super Fishing

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