• Antidote

      • Original shooter game. Nano robot which called "Antidote" must protect human body from the attacks of various viruses.

        Human use their sophisticated technology to build a nano robot for cure the deadly viruses inside human body, you are the robot and your mission is to eliminate all the dangerous viruses from the infected body. There are several type of virus, each of the virus has own ability and their main target will be you, so be careful.

        If you have some free upgrade points, you can select one of the available weapon system to upgrade. you get upgrade points for passing each level (one point for first weapons and one for additional weapons).

        You can remove the points from the one weapons and add to another, try different combinations of weapons to find out what works best for each level. Now you are ready for the battle, Good Luck! Have Fun!
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      • Antidote
      • Category: Action, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-04-25
      • Played: 3,627 views
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  • How to Play Antidote

      • mouse - to control the ship
        key 1 - bullets wave (additional weapon)
        key 2 - EMP wave (additional weapon)
        space bar - pausa

        Hint - upgrade Gun and Shield to max level first!