• Arcuz

      • Arcuz is a classical action role playing game (Like Zelda or Diablo). The game consists of very cute pixel artwork and creative system. Like epic RPG game, you job is to fight with the monsters, train your hero, learn battle skills, add crystal pieces on your weapon or armor by composition (increase its power), learn skills, search better weapons and equipments, compose new items using your creativity...and more! You definitely will get addicted in this game!

        The story beginning with long time ago, there is a land call Sakara was use to be rich and flourishing. There was a village at the west of the land called Arcuz Village. People lived there are happily and peacefully. Their cosy life led them to forget the dark age when the Devil of Abyss, Ssyba, came out from the underground and brought horror and darkness to the land. Fortunately, he was sealed in the deepest place of the dungeon by the heroes.

        But thing started to change, strange things have begun to happen. Animals surrounding village Arcuz were blustering and began to attack the villagers. People left the land to escape the abnormality, but some are still suffering and waiting for the arrival of the calm after the storm.

        An adventurer came to the village, after heard about what happen about the village, he decide to use his courage to safe the land.

        You are the hero who arrived at Village Arcuz. before starting your journey, talk to the old man that standing beside you, his name is Village head Wayne, he will request you to accept 5 tutorials of beginner quests. Inside the village, you can also buy your armors and swords from blacksmith Gran. after the 5 tutorials, it's time for you to continue your journey and explore the new adventure of Arcuz!

        You have 18 different maps to discover, 25 quests to accomplish, 21 battle skills to learn, more than 10 types of monsters to kill, more than 100 weapons and gears to choose, and unlimited possibility of composition…Those are not all. You can the options to select 7 languages! This game definitely bring you a lot of fun!
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      • Arcuz
      • Category: Action, Adventure | Point and Click | RPG, Fighting
      • Launched: 2012-04-20
      • Played: 24,239 views
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  • How to Play Arcuz

      • WASD: Move

        J: Attack/Talk with NPC/Accept

        K: Jump/Cancel

        I&L: Activate Battle Skill. You can put 4 battle skills on the skill slots on the bottom of the game screen and press I/L to use the skills. You level up and add ability point to one of your skills. Then you click one of the skills on the SKILL panel and put it on the skill slot. You can only put active skills to the skill slots (not passive skills).

        1/2/3: Use potions and town portal. Click the potions and scrolls in your inventory and put them on the potion slots on the bottom of the game screen. Then you can use the potions and scrolls by pressing key 1/2/3.

        C/V/B/N/M/,/ESC: hotkeys for Char, Skill, Quest, Inventory, Map and Menu.