• Armored ashura 2

      • This exciting new game has arrived only for your delight! Armored Ashura 2 is extremely fun sequel of classic side scrolling shooting game that will keep you on the edge of your seat every time you play it. Armored ashura is a super hero continue to destroy all alien invading with 4 different weapon.

        At the beginning of the game you will have the possibility to choose what type of game difficulty you want, you can choose either casual or expert mode.

        Use mouse to move and fire, if you not shoot the weapon charge bar will be filled automatically, use this to perform special attack, on maximum level you can eliminate small enemy butter.

        By collecting weapon icon, you can change form, each form has its own attack and special, also you can power up and upgrade your basic attack and charge attack by collecting power up icon, collect 3 times to change it to ashura form, it can gives you extra 1 shield and faster weapon charge bar built.

        Keep improving your skills and stay focused as you play the game and win all the challenges brought to you by game in this fun, new and exciting game!

        How strong will your hero be? Master your Armored ashura and destroy the enemies who wish to bring chaos to your planet! Shoot the aliens flying around you but also stay away from the dangers of getting shot. Don’t fly your hero near the enemies, because you will also suffer damage and lose points and lives.
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      • Armored ashura 2
      • Category: Action, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-04-17
      • Played: 4,503 views
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  • How to Play Armored ashura 2

      • Use mouse to move and shoot.