• Ascaris rush

      • Ascaris Rush is a fun and bloody top-down action shooting game you don't want to miss! Thousands of worms, giant spiders, mutant ascaris, and more are on the attack, can you survive the onslaught? you will consistently unlock new and better bonuses that improve your ability to use a devastating arsenal.

        In beginning, you've abandoned to a gloomy environment with full of insects and dangerous creatures. Your objective is to survival and kill as many as you could using your hand gun, you can collect different guns from the insect you killed.

        Once you finished your ammo, the gun will be automatic reload, but beware it need some delay to be fully loaded, so try keep yourself far always from the insect at that time.

        If you think your skill is good enough, try survival mode. Before started, you can select your favor weapon to enter the mode, after that you will need to survival from uncountable incoming insects, use your ultimate shooting skill and see how many kills you can make. Good luck and have fun in this bloody nightmare.
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      • Ascaris rush
      • Category: Action, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-04-24
      • Played: 4,518 views
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  • How to Play Ascaris rush

      • AWSD or Arrow key to move, Mouse to aim and shoot.