• Asslevania: SOTB

      • Asslevania: SOTB is an awesome platformer where Dracula's castle has once again appeared, and Johnny Belmont knows that can only mean one thing! Dracula is back!!! And it's only a matter of time until the towns folk start acting all emo and goth. Drinking there coffee and smoking cigarettes, reading poor me poetry to each other. And seeing how Breaking Bad is over now, Johnny really doesn't have anything else to do anyway, so it would seem a battle is fated.
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      • Asslevania: SOTB
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2013-11-08
      • Played: 1,629 views
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  • How to Play Asslevania: SOTB

      • MOVEMENT: W, A, S, D
        USE WHIP: Left Arrow Key
        JUMP: W OR Up Arrow Key
        HOLY CROSS: Right Arrow Key
        SLIDE: S OR Down Arrow Key
        SLIDE JUMP: Press Jump while sliding.

        These mode will unlock after you beat the game on cupcake mode.

        Collect start to level up Johnny Belmont.