• Auto Smash 3D

      • Reckless City cars do not give way to pedestrians. Help resurrected girl take revenge by tossing shoes at the reckless cars. Smash them to bits with mighty footwear!

        #Special Move Tip
        When the car is just going up in the air and near enough, press attack and the girl can stomp it in midair. Throwing pickup items at cars will get them at just the right height.

        ** Parental Guidance Advised
        *** Do not try this on the roads
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      • Auto Smash 3D
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2013-08-07
      • Played: 4,093 views
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  • How to Play Auto Smash 3D

      • - WASD or arrow keys to move
        - Spacebar to attack
        - use Down Arrow or S to backflip and avoid cars
        - you can also use mouse/touch screen to control but keyboard is easier