• Badabul

      • We are always trying to bring you the most fun games around, so, today we are giving you a very nice and addictive game. Badabul is a cute and challenging action game. Your objective in this game is to collect bubbles, Kill or avoid the monsters. Upgrade your hero and unlock difficulty modes.

        There are four type of heroes to select, you can choose the dandy, the jumper, the flyer or the fighter to challenge the stage. Each of them have different ability, so make sure you understand how to use them before starting the game.

        In the game, you have to catch the bubbles before they reach the top, if not you lose one life, beware of some monsters, don't let them touch you else you will lose your defense. You can jump on the monster to kill them or you can collect some bonus to destroy them. We really hope you'll have fun with this game!
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      • Badabul
      • Category: Action, More Online, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-04-16
      • Played: 5,077 views
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  • How to Play Badabul

      • UP to jump, UP + UP to double jump, UP (keep press) to fly.
        Catch the bubbles before they reach the top.
        Jump on the monsters to kill them.
        Reload your defense and your flying by staying on the platforms.