• Batman The Joker Card Walkthrough

      • Here is the Batman The Joker Card Walkthrough

        Hidden objects:
        Shotgun-bench left
        Spoon- waste basket
        Axe- under right table leg (pc view)
        Pendrive: left CB
        Pin-move paper in red book
        Chip-left side of pc (click loader)
        Lighter-on table near batman
        Rope- in view where cellphone was
        Chopstick- on clock
        Wine- middel cb
        Wineglass-right cb (open with key)
        Wrench- under table near batman
        Shuriken-in grey floortile (pc view)
        Teapot- on table
        Card A- in right cb
        Campass (compass)- on bomb
        Watch- left side of monitor
        Moon- on clock (it's blue)
        Handgun- in fridge
        Medpack- on floor
        Pen- near red book
        Love- heart on clock

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      • Batman The Joker Card Walkthrough
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