• Bit Battles

      • Bit Battles is an action-packed strategy game where your aim is to protect your fortress from hordes of attacking warriors. Deploy your knights, spearmen, and mages on the path to enter their territory to win victory over and level up your kingdom.
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      • Bit Battles
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2013-10-15
      • Played: 5,237 views
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  • How to Play Bit Battles

      • Mouse-controlled.

        *ARG! I'm Stuck!*
        - Combo those bombs! Use an ice bomb to increase the push amount for other bombs.

        - If you are having trouble with the Spearmen, try sending them against the Orcs. Tight groups of them using their charge can push all the way to the enemy line and recover some mana for another attack.

        *ACK, Laaaag!*
        - If you are encountering lag, a quick page refresh while at the main menu (new or continue game screen) fixes lag issues for some.

        - The game runs best in Chrome or Firefox.