• Bunker – survival

      • Bunker - Survival is a fun defense shooting game that you need to survival in a war zone, lots of enemies is coming for you to take your bunker down! Great battle of humanity and machines goes to the end. Bunker - the last outpost not controlled by machines. Last hope for human race. Can you win this battle? How long will you survive ?

        Over all it's a good game to train your shooting skill, the quality of the interface is beautiful and realistic, the combat music is also awesome that always feel like the war is coming in and the game play is fantastic simple too. First of all, you can use your weapon to shoot them out, that is simply done by pressing the mouse button. If you want to change weapons, press any 1 to 9 keys to selects the weapons you just bought. To buy new upgrade, press space bar will switch you to a shop mode.

        When starting the game, you will though it's an easy game but after a while you definitely will change your mind, the out coming enemies will increase over time and getting stronger and stronger surely will make you nervous. If you want to survival over 25 wave, you must go to the shop and upgrade your arsenal in order to keep getting better and more efficient at killing out coming enemies, don't forget to collect the bonus from the enemies you kill, those can also support you to survival from the war.

        So it's time to killing opponents and protect your bunker, try to survival all 25 wave and unlock 6 achievement in this fun shooting defense game! We will continue search and add most fun games for you, so be sure to check them out from our home page. Have fun :)
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      • Bunker – survival
      • Category: Action, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-04-19
      • Played: 3,834 views
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  • How to Play Bunker – survival

      • Use your mouse to aim and fire. Survive the 25 waves, upgrade to 9 different guns and pickup powerups to improve your firepower even further.