• Burger Tycoon

      • Build your your Burger Empire in this fun simulation time management game, from farm to feedlot; from franchise to corporate headquarters – rule your Burger Empire with an iron fist!

        Your goal in Burger Tycoon is to manage your burger franchise and all complex production in different part of sector with farm, marketing and your restaurant strategy and become the biggest fast food restaurant of the world.

        Making money in a big corporation is not simple at all. Behind every hamburger there is a complex process you must learn to manage. Create a successful burger tycoon, but watch out for those who want to bring your corporation down!
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      • Burger Tycoon
      • Category: Simulation | Time Management
      • Launched: 2012-09-15
      • Played: 4,571 views
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  • How to Play Burger Tycoon

      • 1. Buy three grain fields and two cow pastures.

        2. Be sure to make sure you don't destroy plots of forest unless you need the land.

        3. Keep and eye on the slaughter house, make sure the sick animals are killed right away.

        4. Add two workers to each job section at the burger joint.

        5. Make sure your workers aren't spitting in the food. Immediately fire the ones who do it the most often.

        6. In the feedlot, Ignore the "Cistern is full" sign.

        7. Go to the fast food joint, and hire one cook, and one cashier for now. When you need more cashiers, hire them.

        8. When the manager complains fire 2 angry employees and hire two.

        9. When you are ready, buy the advertisements "children want burgers" then buy "burger tycoon of the world".

        10. Add toy campaigns for a couple months to make more people come to your fast food joint if its not packed. then turn off when it fills up again.

        11. You will find that many people will try to sue your company. That's where PR comes in. When you see that a certain group of people is angry at you, for example, all the workers you've had to lay off. Buy all and leave turned on to lessen the pop-up windows.

        12. The board of directors is just there to tell you the high and low points of the company. Don't listen to them.

        13. 13Buy a fourth cow field. IMPORTANT: when the fertility goes below 75% sell the cow field and buy another. Rotate so you have young to old cows in the fields for example don't buy 4 at the same time. This will make sure you have a constant supply of meat.

        14. When you have enough money corrupt jan jose and put your two soy fields there. Sell two others and put in the rotation of cow fields.

        15. In the end you'll just rotate the 4 cow fields so they don't go bad.

        Goal is to make it look like this. Agricultural: 1-2 soy (genetic mod) in the mayors fields (because soy doesn't make the land go bad and those plots don't heal). 4 active cow and 4 inactive recovering cow fields. Feedlot: activate waste, hormones and flour and never kill a cow (its money). Fast food: full of workers, fire and rehire two angry workers when managers complains. Headquarters: Advertise 'children' and 'third world' only if there is a slow period add toys (but turn off when you get customers again). Public Relations. turn all on (to avoid more annoying popups). Other than that just close and ignore all complaints... watch the money roll in forever.