• Carnage

      • Carnage is the latest fun top down racing game developed by WeirdBeard. Race through 12 challenging stages with in 4 days and complete hardcore missions in three different modes. Upgrade your vehicle and weapons, destroy police and ice-cream trucks, pick up money, make an omelet and unravel the plans of your nemesis.

        In a crime infested city a certain Mr. Jack runs an obscure delivery business. His drivers risk their lives everyday racing through the streets where danger can be found around every corner. Despite the hostilities all goes well for Mr. Jack and his crew, until a well-known villain kills their his last delivery guy got blown up by a mobster know as Mr.blonde. It’s time to call in the cavalry.

        Mr.blonde's always been a pain to Mr. Jack crew in one way or another, he's crossed the line, Mr. Jack need you to find mr.blonde and bring him to justice! Meanwhile you still need to continue his regular business, help him out with these jobs while you're driving around and you'll be rewarded with some extra cash on the side.

        Once you're done, go to Jorge's garage shop and get geared up, you can buy new weapons and car upgrades there. Jorge will advise you to load up on ammo before you get on the streets.

        Help Mr. Jack stop Mr. Blonde and complete all bonus jobs to become the best driver in town. Good luck and have fun.
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      • Carnage
      • Category: Action, Driving, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-05-24
      • Played: 6,792 views
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  • How to Play Carnage

      • C or L = Fire front weapon;
        Down or S = Reverse;
        Left or A = Turn left;
        Right or D = Turn right;
        Up or W = Throttle;
        X or K = Fire rear weapon;
        Z or J = Handbrake;