• Cheery dragon tribe protector

      • Cheery Dragon Tribe Protector is a fun and addicting game shooting defense game, protect your tribe, don\'t let the enemies approach your village. upgrade and use laser if available.

        Your main objective is to defense the dragon eggs, all the animals are heading to your nest, you need to eliminate them before they reach it to steal your eggs. The starting of the game is quite easy, but it will become extremely challenging once you reach the advance levels.

        In this game you will control left and right dragons to shoot the enemies, both dragons will follow the target you aim and fire the dragon beam, be careful not to hurt your own dragon while doing the shooting.

        There are lots of items type to collect once you eliminate an enemies, those items are very helpful to stop the enemies and make sure you collect all of them. In below of the screen you will see 4 dragons, each of them have a red color bar. Once it full, you can use it to shoot laser to eliminate the in coming enemies.

        Now you know everything about this game, it\'s time to show your skill and see how many scores you can get. Good luck and have fun :)
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      • Cheery dragon tribe protector
      • Category: Action, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-04-24
      • Played: 1,306 views
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  • How to Play Cheery dragon tribe protector

      • LEFT DRAGON :
        Q/A : Up/Down
        Z : Level up

        RIGHT DRAGON :
        W/S : Up/Down
        X : Level Up

        1,2,3,4 - Dragon Beam
        Left mouse : Shoot
        Space - Pause