• Cix

      • CIX is an evolution of the defense game genre. Your goal in the game is to build allies to defend three colonies from hoards of enemies. It's a complex and super fun strategy game you ever play.

        The object in CIX is to defend the three colonies and destroy the alien invaders forever! The CIX combat system was develop for this very purpose. As the controller, you build Ally Units that then attack enemies on their own. Your allies' AI are okay, but often you'll be needed to reposition and reconfigure them.

        For building and upgrading your allies, click and hold to open the build menu. move your cursor over the X-system icon in the menu. Let go to build an x-system. Add other systems to your new Ally by clicking and holding next to a X-system. Other x-systems can attached to any of the eight directions. You can only build other systems on the up, right, left and down sides of an X-system. Double click on an empty square will build an X-system.

        Moving your allies is sliding simple, you just need to click and hold then drag immediately to move it to the location you want. If you want to turning your allies, while moving, move your mouse in a quick circle to turn the ally. The directions of your circle determines which way your ally will turn.

        The funny thing is this game is your can copy and pasting your allies, click and hold on a system to open up the upgrade menu. Move your cursor over to the copy all button. let go to copy the entire ally. then click and hold on an empty square to open the build menu. There should be a Paste button showing. Move your cursor over it and let go to paste the last ally that you copied. If the paste button is dark, you don't have to enough energy to paste the ally unit.

        To combine your allies, moving a ground ally on top of another group of ally will cause the two to be combined. Creating an X-system in between two allies will combine them into one. Air based allies don't combine when moved on to each other, but will be combined when you build an X-system between two allies.

        If you want to sell a system, open the upgrade menu again. Then select the +EP icon at the top of the menu. This will sell the system. If you sell an X-system, all the systems attached to it will also be sold. And you can select SELL ALL option to sell the entire ally unit. The energy from the sale will be given back to you.

        Ok now you know how to play this game, it's time to say something about the game basic in CIX. In this game, you use Energy Points(EP) to build Ally Units to attack enemies and defend the three colonies. The heart of the CIX combat system is the X-system. This is an armored module that connects in eight directions and allow you to attach other systems, such as weapons, sensors, wings and thrusters. When you add thrusters to your unit, you raise it off the ground and allow it to fly around on its own and attack AIR based enemies. Your guns on your allies on the ground will only target ground enemies. Guns on air based allies will target only AIr enemies. Missiles will target both ground and air enemies.

        Try to get more energy as you can, you get small amounts of energy each time you kill an enemy. Also, you get awarded an energy bonus at the end of each enemy wave.

        Some enemies like the grubs and warriors are ground- based Others like scouts, fighters and raiders are air-based. What does this mean? you need to tailor your defenses for each enemy wave. If all the enemies are going to be in the air, then you'll need to put thrusters on your allies. Or use lots of missiles from the ground. Missiles will always target enemies regardless of where they are.

        Do not hesitate and show your hard core strategy skill to eliminate all the enemies. For more interesting and most fun games always go to our main page and select the game you want. Good luck, and have fun!
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      • Cix
      • Category: Action, Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-04-20
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  • How to Play Cix

      • Click and hold to open the Build Menu. Build X-Systems. Then click and hold next to the X-Systems to build guns, sensors, wings, thrusters and other systems onto the X-Systems. Adding a thruster to the Ally will lift it off the ground and allow it to fly around searching for aerial enemies! Experiment with making the coolest Allies!