• Crush Thine Enemies

      • Crush Thine Enemies is a fun and addicting game where your kingdom is under attacks from vastly outnumbered enemies and you have to destroy the invading enemies and protect your kingdom by launching spiky balls.

        In this game, you need to defend your castle and kingdom using your secret weapon called Crushing Sphere, Move around to aim the cannon, hold to power up the cannon then release to it. You can earn moneys by crushed enemies, best chain and distance, use it to buy some powerful upgrades.

        Protect your kingdom and crush your enemies! With each launch earn more money, buy upgrades, earn achievements and beat your records and get a higher score!
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      • Crush Thine Enemies
      • Category: Defense, Shooting, Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-06-05
      • Played: 5,109 views
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  • How to Play Crush Thine Enemies

      • Move your Mouse to aim, press the Left Mouse Button to build power and release to launch.

        (default QWERTY)

        W select previous item.

        S select next item.

        A move the Sphere Left.

        D move the Sphere Right.