• Crystal Lands

      • The goal of the tower defence game, Crystal Lands, is to stop enemies by summoning Crystals which shoot at them as they pass. When an enemy is defeated, the player earns money, which is used to buy or upgrade towers.

        Each crystal can turn into two towers: one on the roof and one on the floor.

        Roof towers can be upgraded by clicking on them. You start with the green roof and purple floor towers.

        - Green roof is a single shot damage tower.
        - Green floor is a slow trap.
        - Purple roof is a splash damage tower.
        - Purple floor generates mana (and is absolutely necessary).
        - Red roof is a DOT/debuff tower.
        - Red floor is damage.
        - Blue roof is a slow tower.
        - Blue floor is damage.

        All towers require mana to fire. So you need to balance purple mana stones with towers. Upgrades are more cost effective than tower spam. Towers can only shoot below themselves to start. Each time you fill up the yellow bar, you get an upgrade point. The abilities highlighted with a color unlock a new tower or trap. The mana/crystal ability and the ability for greens to shoot upwards are really powerful.
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      • Crystal Lands
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-11-06
      • Played: 3,396 views
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  • How to Play Crystal Lands

      • 1,2,3,4 – select element
        Space – open upgrades
        R – restart level
        Escape – open menu
        +- – change volume.