• Deads Witch

      • Deadswitch is a cool strategic action-packed shooter combines with side-scrolling tactical defense, with 6 game modes. In addition to the different type of game modes, Deadswitch features 15 different levels and over 65 weapon types and items. You can call for air support such as helicopters attack and missiles to help you to survival in the war!

        There are 6 playable game modes in Deadswitch. Each mode has its own purpose or objective. Some have limits, while others will go on as long as you can survive!

        The tutorial levels provide instruction detail of Deadswitch, including controls and in-game items. Try to practice yourself and complete the tutorial mode before start the game. You can unlock some achievement in this mode.

        Another mode is Deathmatch, this rule is to eliminate all the enemies to reach the score limit! You can set the game options to your as you like. The first team who to reach the score limit will win. If time expired, the team with the highest amount of kills will win (if they are tied, then the game will be a draw).
        You can also select your default weapon for Deathmatch. If you select random, you will receive a random weapon each time you re-spawn. Otherwise you will spawn with your weapon of choice each time. Your health regenerates at a rate of 500%.

        The Defender game mode combines survival with tactics. You must prevent the objective from being destroyed by the enemy, but you only have 3 lives! Your health does regenerate, but you cannot gain more lives, and you cannot restore the objective's health. This mode does not have a wave limit and will go on for as long as you can survive. Gain money and XP though getting kills and completing waves. Purchase weapons, items and upgrades from the store crate.

        The Undead Survival game mode is your typical survival game mode. Hold out as long as possible against the limitless waves of undead creatures.
        Similar like Defender game mode, it does not have a wave limit and will go on for as long as you can survive.

        The objective of the Chaos Arena game mode is to rack up as many kills as possible. You can take up to 3 weapons with you into the arena. Max out your XP to obtain friendly air support and a small amount of health restoration. 

        In Free Mode, you are free to experiment as you wish. You have been granted large amounts of money and RP. So what are you waiting for? It's time to join the war!
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      • Deads Witch
      • Category: Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-05-17
      • Played: 2,488 views
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  • How to Play Deads Witch

      • WASD - Movement (W for jump)
        Space - Jump
        Q - Switch weapons
        E - Interact (use crates, pick up weapons)
        R - Reload
        G - Drop weapon
        Shift - Switch to melee
        Mouse - Fire weapon