• Decision 2: New City

      • Decision 2: New City is the sequel to the top-down zombie shooter where you need to kill zombies and other creatures to save the mankind. Danger increases with each passing day, so you may need to revisit areas to ensure that you don't lose control of them. Use your mission earnings to purchase weapons and learn new abilities.

        Each city section needs to be brought under control by taking on different missions like recon or simple extermination that lower the danger level in each place. If you perform well, you'll get a hefty cash reward that you can use on the substantial upgrade tree for both weapons and your own unique abilities. If all this sounds a little familiar, well, that's because it is, since Decision 2 plays a bit less like a fully-fledged sequel and more of an expansion pack to the original game.

        Take under control another city full of evil creatures and stop the zombie hordes with you guns and knifes in Decision 2 New City now!
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      • Decision 2: New City
      • Category: Action, Shooting, Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-09-13
      • Played: 4,553 views
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  • How to Play Decision 2: New City

      • ▪ WASD/Arrows to move.
        ▪ Mouse to aim.