• Deeds of war rpg

      • Deeds of War RPG is a classical and epic action role-playing game where you are a hero who going save the world on dark age by choose your allies and slay your enemies on your quest to find the broken pieces of the Heartstone. Like other fun online role playing game you need to choose your class, leveling, upgrade your weapon, quest, fighting bosses and complete the story!

        You can choose 3 class for beginning of this game, each class has their own powerful feature and skills. After that you will be involved with either the alliance or shadow runners, depending on the alignment of your character; the brigands or the merchants, and faction the corresponds to your class (the blades, rangers, wizards).

        Though you will actually start out neutral with all factions, it only takes a several quests to start picking sides. Once you were gotten control of fighting monsters and purchasing items, it is a good idea to start picking sides. A good character will side with the alliance, which offers quests directly south of town, while a shadow runner can look for quests north of town. Other factions will approach you as the game goes on, but a good way to find them is to simply look at the world map - it is gridded, and almost every grid square has an occupying faction that you can visit.

        Likewise, a RPG adventurer need to look for more experience and golds, you can achieve them by completed the quests. Most of the quest require you to kill certain target, some are asking for the quest items. One thing you need to beware is you will meet a boss on certain dungeon, bosses are much more powerful than normal enemies, try to upgrade your level or buy some equipment to armor up yourself, also bring more potions with you might need it to recover your heal point or mana.

        It's not often to find a good role-playing game as well as Deeds of War RPG, the game is definitely worth to play, you will find lots of fun to explore in the epic dark age adventure. Hope you enjoy the game :)
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      • Deeds of war rpg
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      • Launched: 2012-04-21
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