• Denudation

      • Claim the power of the shrine! Destroy the objects and absorb them for their power.

        - waiting for a while at the title screen will show some hidden art outside of the game bounds
        - hold 'M' for 4 seconds to toggle alternate music

        - do NOT destroy the white orb at the top of the shrine (starting the boss battle)
        - gather fragments from the walls all over
        - fly up to the top-right of the map and shoot at the sun symbol
        - shoot at the statue, releasing a small orb
        - go back to the tutorial zone (far left of the map), and fly up between the two dark brown dots
        - shoot at the statue
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      • Denudation
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2014-05-20
      • Played: 11,351 views
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  • How to Play Denudation

      • LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN - move and jump
        X - attack / shoot
        Z - absorb fragments
        R - hold for 2 seconds to reset the game
        -/+ adjust volume