• Desert Rumble

      • Desert Rumble is a fun and unique tower defense game where you take part of the commend try to defend significant roads in the desert. Build and upgrade towers, use special ability and attacks, and don’t let anything pass.

        Use your strategic and logic thinking skill to place different towers and protect the important desert roads from enemy's invasion. Destroy anything that try to by pass your road, earn money and buy upgrades to fortify your towers or by the new ones.

        Place your energy stations and towers wisely into the screen to win in this turret defense game. Don't forget to repair your devices in real-time. Good luck and have fun!
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      • Desert Rumble
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-06-28
      • Played: 1,691 views
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  • How to Play Desert Rumble

      • Use mouse to build and upgrade towers.

        See tutorial and instructions in first and second levels.

        1,2,3,4 – use special ability and attacks (repair, killing, etc.)

        Escape – cancel of selection