• Dragon Boy 2

      • You've been given another chance to raise a dragon. Which type of dragon depends which elemental stone you apply to the egg. There are many stones you can find throughout the game so choose wisely.

        During your journey, you will find monster spirits. You can add them in Umbra's party, or feed the dragon to grow stronger.

        Raise a Dragon to aid you in battle... Good Luck!

        Available in english, spanish and mandarin.

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      • Dragon Boy 2
      • Category: Adventure | Point and Click | RPG
      • Launched: 2013-05-20
      • Played: 1,614 views
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  • How to Play Dragon Boy 2

      • -wasd/arrow keys to move
        -Mouse to attack in certain direction.

        Player 2:
        -wasd to move
        -j or k to attack

        -Numeric keys as skill short-cuts

        Menu keys:
        -i for inventory
        -t for skill tree
        -p for team party
        -o for options