• Dungeon breaker

      • Dungeon breaker is a fun and mystical puzzle game about a mysterious adventurer is trapped inside of a dungeon. He needs to find the key to release from the room of wall. Break the chain, collect coins and use the various items at your disposal to free the hero from the dungeon.

        In this game, the key was locked by the chain, you need to slide your mouse on the chain to break it. Once you break the chain, the key will fall and your adventurer will get the key. You can play around the physic movement about the key using the chain to collect coins to increase your score. Magnets is use for pulls or pushes the key in order to control the direction you want, press and drag levers on magnets to activate them, when the red light is on, it will pushes the key away or when the green light is on, it will pulls the key using magnetic field.

        Do what it takes to use your mastermind to help the little adventurer on this quest and escape from the dungeon, good luck and have fun.
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      • Dungeon breaker
      • Category: Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-05-08
      • Played: 1,235 views
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  • How to Play Dungeon breaker

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