• Ef the game

      • Ef the game is a fun and enjoyable game with the music and colors base on a creature flowing outside the deep space. The gameplay is likely similar to SLITHER.IO, you need to guide the creature to eat, grow, discover new worlds and creatures, follow the white arrows to find new locations.

        Ef was a very peaceful and serene game about surviving outside the space, you're just a simple space fish or mini micronism, floating about the "Universe". There are no real dangers to fear, aside from the other flowing creatures, which can barely harm you, unless you stumble across one while you're still small.

        The names of the different places are very interesting, some containing Puns, others, with a very emotional phrase or name. The gameplay remind us a coolest simulation game design by EA name Spore, which about cell creatures in the background will come to the foreground as the player's organism slowly grows and evolves. Ef the game has a excellent game feature, but what it's missing is variety. Eating certain creatures should change the way you grow. And you should grow faster as well.

        The green orb meant there was a parasite sucking on your brains, noticed your own body was slowly shrinking if not eating quickly enough, in order to get the parasite off your back you need to get a big fish to come and eat the back section right behind your head, then turn around and eat him as a favor, also you can only kill parasites by eating one while it is feeding on another host fish.

        Play this simulation game and many more interesting ones only on most fun games, the best place to be if online games are what you’re into!
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      • Ef the game
      • Category: Adventure | Point and Click | RPG, Simulation | Time Management
      • Launched: 2012-04-26
      • Played: 3,968 views
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  • How to Play Ef the game

      • Movement: mouse
        Speed up: left mouse button
        Pause: esc