• Elements and Magic

      • Elements and Magic is a fun tower defense game where you need to secure your defenses and channel the elements to unleash an ancient power upon your enemies. In the meantime, don't forget to farm and mine for supplies!

        This is a world of elementals - a world of magic... You are the human king, owner of several castles, but evil orcs seek to take them from you. Defend your castles alongside your army!

        There are 3 elements in the world: fire, ice, and thunder. Use the elements to build a strong, fierce army - but know that the enemy can also channel the elements. The journey begins. Victory awaits you...
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      • Elements and Magic
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-07-31
      • Played: 5,248 views
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  • How to Play Elements and Magic

      • Mouse