• Epic Stand

      • Epic Stand is a fun defense game where you need to stand against hordes of monsters and ugly creatures that are trying to take down your castle. Take full control of one of the battle wizard at the top of your castle that is trying to destroy all invading waves of monsters with your magic.

        The story begins with many years ago, the dark knight Morokwar and his horde are going to seize peaceful lands owned by people and protected by mighty wizard Frostorn and his fearless knights. Finally Morokwar gathered countless army to start an epic battle! Help wizard Frostorn to stand against the horde and protect the peaceful lands of devastating and burning.

        To defend your castle walls, click on the screen to where you want the spell to hit and let it work its magic. The level is over when there are no enemies left standing and none of them reach your wizard's final floor. If you pass certain requirements on any level, you gain skull trophies to be used for purchasing upgrades that are both beneficial and fearsome.

        The upgrades can include new spells (like summoning a dragon or golem), soldiers to defend upper floors, and tower fortifications. The defense of your tower is rather short lived at ten levels, but you have Hard Mode and Survival Mode to keep you in the fight. Now it's time to protect your castle with your wizard in epic stand. huge amount of upgrades and waves to complete. Good luck!
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      • Epic Stand
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-06-26
      • Played: 1,204 views
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  • How to Play Epic Stand

      • Click to cast spells.