• Escape the Toy Factory

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        Escape the Toy Factory is a new point and click room escape game from addicting games, it's also the sequel to Escape the Dungeon, a Room Escape game developed by Mad Science Industries. This time your fall to escape from the dungeon and Dr. Minstrel's caught you again. Now you have to WORK. Escape, please!

        In this game, you are a young man who has been kidnapped by the Dr. Minstrel, the evil owner of a doll making factory. He chains you in his factory in order for you to keep the boiler filled with coal and keep his machines running. All you have to do is to collect the required items and use it appropriately to escape from the factory before Dr.Minstrel come back.

        Escape the Toy Factory as fast as you can. Be warned though, you can die trying to escape this Toy Factory! Have fun!
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      • Escape the Toy Factory
      • Category: Escape
      • Launched: 2012-09-13
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  • How to Play Escape the Toy Factory

      • Mouse