• Euro 2012 GS Soccer

      • Soccer is the world's most popular sport in most fun game collection and if you love soccer or football, Euro 2012 GS Soccer is the game for you. Choose your favorite European team and try to win the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2012.

        In Euro 2012 GS Soccer, you can select a real country's soccer team and then compete in the official soccer tournament bracket to play out all those imaginary scenarios you dream of. Graphics wise the game is also very well polished that making this game look the best it possibly could.

        There are several official groups by country with teams from different parts of the world like Greece, Poland, Russia, England and more. You could even create your own group with the new group option.

        Change positions from being a striker to a goalie and have the full control of your soccer team. With state-of-the-art 2D graphics and vibrant colors, this game is perfect for you to spend your time.
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      • Euro 2012 GS Soccer
      • Category: Sports
      • Launched: 2012-06-13
      • Played: 3,781 views
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  • How to Play Euro 2012 GS Soccer

      • Use arrow keys to play. Without ball: A to soft tackle, S to select player, D to hard tackle. With ball: A to lob, S to pass and D to kick.