• Fasttrack

      • Racing games is always a fun genre, most especially car racing game. FastTrack is another famous and wonderful game of car racing! Drive your sport car and beat up other racer with your driving skill!

        Here are some rules in FastTrack:
        -Each track has 5 checkpoint
        -Time is added to clock at each checkpoint
        -You can retry each track unlimited times
        -you can go to next track when you reach all the checkpoints in time, in either of first 3 positions.

        Also you get a base score for your mileage, each checkpoint you score a bonus depending on your rank and remaining time to earn more moneys, you can use those money to modifies your car by select the shop menu.

        You are ready to race, start your engine now!! Find more coolest racing most fun games on racing tags and enjoy your speed.
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      • Fasttrack
      • Category: Sports
      • Launched: 2012-04-21
      • Played: 4,528 views
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  • How to Play Fasttrack

      • A or ← go left
        D or → go right
        W or ↑ go forward
        S or ↓ to stop