• Flooded Village

      • Dig rivers and flip switches to guide water through the village. Water the plants to grow, help the pirates set sail and the villagerson land to clear each stage, but be careful not to drown the villagers.

        To advance through each stage, you'll have to channel water past plants and through pirates, without drowning the poor village bystanders. This is easy enough early on, when all you need to do is click on sand blocks to destroy them and let water pass through.

        Later, when villagers appear in the game, you can click and hold to create sand blocks and protect villagers. Farther along, you'll get more fancy gear like pipes to play around with, and mother nature will makes things hard for you by freezing your pretty water channels unless you direct them just right to beat the frost.
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      • Flooded Village
      • Category: Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-07-22
      • Played: 4,823 views
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  • How to Play Flooded Village

      • Use your MOUSE.