• Frontline defense – first assault

      • Frontline Defense - First Assault is a new tower defense game with lots of upgrade options, enemies - including soldiers, tanks, robots, mech and more awesome TD stuff.

        At the beginning of each mission you will be awarded a small budget to get you started. We understand this doesn't go far however you will be awarded additional funds for each enemy you take out based on their level of threat (the bigger and badder the enemy - the bigger the purse).

        Likewise, select your tower and place it to the map, Hit C to cancel the placement of your selected tower. After that enemies will be entering at the point indicated by the arrow.

        Towers can be upgraded at any time as long as you have the funds. Upgrading is more cost effective than purchasing lots of towers. When your ready to begin the battle hit the next wave button on the right.

        Preventing the enemy crossing the battlefield into your territory is vital. Above each enemies head you see a number indicating their health, this is the amount that will be deducted from your health bar should they reach their goal (if they're going to get through make sure you give them a hell of beating before they do).

        Upon defeating all waves of enemies (indicated at the bottom of the screen) you will be sent directly to the debriefing room where you will see your performance.

        Upgrading is an important and cost effective way of increasing the fire power at your disposal. Thankfully there are a number of ways in which this can achieved. Individual Upgrades - Any tower you have selected on the battlefield can be upgraded up to 4 times by clicking the upgrade button, but be sure you have enough funds to do so.

        Global upgrades need to be achieved by spending the skill points earned during missions. All towers purchased will have the increase in stats from your skill points. For every 7000 points you are award, you'll earned a skill point to spend in the skill shop. In skill shop, there are five base features to upgrade: Mecenary, Grenadier, Marksman, Engineer and Scientist. Mecenary can help you increase 5 percent of extra funds for each upgrade. Grenadier is for extra damage, Marksman is to increase your army range, Engineer is to help your towers to reload faster, and for scientist is to add on 5 percents of chance of causing damage effect like fire or ice. The skill points is limited, so upgrade it wisely.

        Support Towers is for these special units have no weaponry of their own, instead increasing the stats of any weapon tower within range. If you like strategy game like Frontline Defense - First Assault, don't forget to visit our strategy games section, there is a lot of cool tower defense games.
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      • Frontline defense – first assault
      • Category: Action, More Online, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-04-29
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  • How to Play Frontline defense – first assault

      • Build towers to defend the route through each stage.
        use the mouse or hotkeys to select units.

        For more instructions please see in game tutorial.