• Fuli

      • This game is very relaxing that you can enjoy it all the time you like. Imaging you can have a lot of fun when playing drip drop in this addictive and mesmerizing game. Fuli is all about drop liquid to glasses to match three or more full same color glasses nearby to remove them.

        The interaction of this game is just mouse to release drops, once one glass is full the drops will pass through to the next glass, drops will skip glasses of a different color, match 3 or more glasses to remove them. Bring the level of glasses below the winning line to pass the stage and empty glass box can be filled with any color. Some glasses with the star will remove nearby glasses once removed.

        One thing is typically very important in this game is you need to removed buckets before it rise up a new buckets, if it reach the top you will be game over. So try to filled the bucket as fast as you can.
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      • Fuli
      • Category: Action, More Online, Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-04-16
      • Played: 4,610 views
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