• Gabcab

      • Get your engine ready for fun of simulation and time management game with GabCab! Travel through 8 unique and fun cities as you help customers get to where they need to go. Your task is to purchase upgrades for your cab, hire assistants, including a limo and a tour bus, catch tips, and gas up as you work to keep the transportation system running smoothly as you dash to get passengers to their destinations for big tips and big fun!

        Here is how you play the game: Click on customers to schedule gabby to pick them up. After that drop-off customers and schedule a drop-off by clicking on the location where the customer wants to go. Click on the stop sign under a scheduled stop to remove the location from the schedule.

        Double click on any location to reroute your cab and make it go there next! Customers will throw coins into the air for your tip, mouse over the coins, without clicking on them, to catch them! You can fit up to 3 customers in your cab. Stop at the gas station or click on the emergency gas can to instantly refill your cab!

        Now you know how to play it and it's time to be a happy cab as GabCab to serve costumer up and take them to home!  
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      • Gabcab
      • Category: Simulation | Time Management, Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-05-02
      • Played: 15,207 views
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  • How to Play Gabcab

      • Click on a building where a customer appears to pick-up the customer.
        Click on the building where the customer wants to go to drop-off the customer.
        Collect the tips by mousing over them with the mouse pointer.