• Galaxy wars: for the sake of the universe

      • Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe is a retro-inspired space adventure with a unique control scheme that puts a new spin on a classic genre. It's a fun physic Sci-fi game about the city of mankind is attacked by empire from another space, you are the only hope to escape the invasion and search for help.

        The story begin with the distant future, mankind has built this utopia a hundred edens orbiting a dead earth. but than an empire from another dimension is gathering around the world preparing to strike. The orbiting fortresses are strong but humanity's colonies are weak. You must go escape the clutches of the army warn the human colonies for the sake of the universe..

        While starting the game, you control the ship with your mouse. Your ship can move as fast as you want, as it controls gravity. Try not to colliding with the enemy units because it will damage the ship. If the ship's health runs out, you lose. Your ship also has a shield, represented by glowing blue orb. The shield will refill itself whenever you are not taking damage. various shield and health upgrades can be purchased from the upgrade screen.

        The heads-up display in the top left area of the screen shows important information such as your health, shield, score, and credits. You movements cause your weapon to gravitate around you. Subtle mouse movements give you more control, allowing you to orbit your weapon in small circles. The plasma comet is the latest in weapons technology. It gravitates around your ship. You can use its orbit to swing it like a weapon.

        The comet will damage any enemy it contacts. The comet can emit a powerful pulse that collapses space into a momentary black hole, damaging any enemies in the area. the pale ring around you comet shows the size of the pulse. to use the pulse. click the left mouse button.
        You can upgrade your pulse by purchasing Improvements to the amount of damage, the size of the pulse, any the rate at which the pulse recharges after each use.

        Destroyed enemies can emit experience. collect the experience particles to earn credits. and experience particles that come close to your ship or your comet will automatically be drawn towards your ship. The current number of credits is displayed in the heads-up display in the top left portion of the screen. Credits can be used to purchase upgrades. the upgrades screen is available at the end of each level, and can also be accessed at any time by pressing the space bar.

        Galaxy wars is a graphically intensive game that can run at less than ideal speeds on older computers. turning off background animations can help the game run more smoothly. you can always change this and others settings later from the options screen.

        Now you are ready, it's time to go to the war and success your mission with any cost, test your hand-eye coordination as you dodge the enemy hoard, your weapon orbiting around you destroying everything it contacts! Good luck.
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      • Galaxy wars: for the sake of the universe
      • Category: Action, More Online
      • Launched: 2012-04-23
      • Played: 1,304 views
  • How to Play Galaxy wars: for the sake of the universe

      • Controls:
        Space - Pause/Upgrade
        Mouse - Move Ship
        Left Mouse Button - Pulse Weapon