• Heaven Out

      • Heaven Out is a new game of skill and fun with a hero who need to kill the other heavenly sinners with the all mighty chainsaw! All you have to do is to control your hero, use bonuses, chainsaw and help Saint Peter send sinners back to hell. Be careful not to bump into the devils!

        The game start with you fall down to hell, collect the star points to activate Chainsaw mode and then start slicing up some sinners and bring them to hell. You can activate Flame Mode by collecting a star and a baseball bat together and have a flaming good time. Once you bump into anything while your in normal form, you will loose a life .

        Complete all 13 levels and make your way down to the hell. Defeat as many sinners as you can on the way down to get a chance of being sent back to Heaven. It's a real fun and unique game you don't want to missed.
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      • Heaven Out
      • Category: Action, Adventure | Point and Click | RPG
      • Launched: 2012-06-08
      • Played: 5,253 views
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  • How to Play Heaven Out

      • Use mouse to move your hero. Collect coins and doves, to buy upgrades. Kill designated sinners to complete the mission