• Helio adventures reloaded

      • Helio Adventures Reloaded is a beautiful cartoon puzzle adventure game where you have to avoid the bad guys, collect stars and rescue the trapped balloons on 16 unique levels.

        Helio is the red balloon travel around the world with his friends, on the half way of his journey, his friends kidnapped by bad animals. The animals lock his balloon friend into cage and hide them in different stage of this game, your task is to guild Helio to find his friends and release them.

        The first levels are easy, but the game gets really challenging on advanced levels. Like more of the platform games, you need to unlock special level by collecting stars, avoid those spikes, traps, obstacle, the different is you don't need to jump, run and shoot anything but control a red balloon flying around the stage with balloon physic movement. You know what happen when a balloon hit a spikes and hedgehogs, so beware of collided with them.

        Overall it's a fun game, the design is beautiful and the music is also relaxing. It's suitable for everyone, once you finished the game, don't forget share it to your friends and family. Let's go back to the topic, will you rescue the trapped balloons?
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      • Helio adventures reloaded
      • Category: Adventure | Point and Click | RPG, Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-04-23
      • Played: 1,060 views
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  • How to Play Helio adventures reloaded

      • Use arrow key to move.