• Hellbound Rampage

      • Asmodeus is fed by destruction he sees and causes. He was condemned by god to the eternity in hell. With people's sins getting worse and worse, with more and more people going to hell and suffering there, such demon got strong enough to break his chains. He escaped from hell to destroy the world.

        In this game you play as the escaped demon try to survive, you must keep destroying everything you see in front of you, from cars to tanks and buildings. Although you are a demon, you will still die in the game, so beware of human force and army, they will send any thing they could to hunt you down.

        The great thing about Hellbound Rampage is that You can collecting skulls to learn new skills and upgrade your body. The more you destructed the world, the more you stronger you will be. Let's see if you can destroy the world, Good luck and have fun.
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      • Hellbound Rampage
      • Category: Action, Arcade
      • Launched: 2012-06-06
      • Played: 1,522 views
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