• Hot Dog Bush

      • Are you ready to be your own boss, work outdoors and start your new cooking business in Hot Dog Bush? All you need is to prepare hot dogs for your clients, earn money, and score points! Keep your customers happy and they will reward you with more cash.

        Your goal in this fun cooking game is to help Georage 'Dubya' Bush to create meals and deliver them to customers. It's Dubya's first day on the job and it's all a bit confusing! To do this you will have to drag n drop items or just click on them or do both.

        Use YOUR MOUSE to click on food to add to counter. Food cooked to perfection glows. Select food, click on (or drag to) bun to add. Then click on (or drag to) customer to server. You can put burnt food into the bin (penalty). Sometimes you need to add garnish to your burgers. Select the garnish, click on (or drag to) bun to add. Click again on garnish to apply to another bun. To serve drinks, click on your chosen soft drink, click on the customer to server.

        It's up to you to find out which! How fast can you rustle up a hot dog? Complete as many orders as possible! Good luck and have fun!
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      • Hot Dog Bush
      • Category: Simulation | Time Management
      • Launched: 2012-09-04
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