• Human evolution

      • Human Evolution is a fun challenging side-scrolling game about a creature evolve to human in a matter of a few minutes. The objective of this game is to show you a flash game representation of how humans, starting from the single cell organisms of millions upon millions of years ago by learning all of this with a platform runner flash game!

        The idea and gameplay is fun which you have to collect DNA sequences while jumping over obstacles, at certain points, however, you pass "thresholds" and evolve into the next higher being. So it goes something like: single cell organism - fish - lizard - dinosaur - rat - monkey - human. Of course missing some steps but you get the idea and it is actually really fun to watch the transformations as it gives you a gauge at how far you've come.

        Humans are too complex to be study by any one field. Thus we will look at a few major steps in evolution and some of the things affecting human evolution. Let's see how far can you grow.
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      • Human evolution
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2012-06-02
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  • How to Play Human evolution

      • Space, Up - Jump+ Sound Up- Sound Down0 Mute