• Hungry ducks

      • Visit beautiful lakes with strange creatures. Some are good, some not so. Launch food to the good ducks, shoot bombs at the bad ducks.

        You are using an elastic flower to launch food and bombs. Different objects will help you shoot further and hit the right places. Bad ducks should be destroyed, and good ducks should be fed. Various enemies can stop you, so they also have to be destroyed. But some of them are hidden surprises - the eggs.
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      • Hungry ducks
      • Category: Action, Puzzles, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-03-07
      • Played: 1,599 views
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  • How to Play Hungry ducks

      • In every level you can earn three stars. One for feeding/destroying all ducks, one for finishing the level in time and one for finding the golden eggs.