• How to Play Idle God 3

      • Click the button, gain resources, save the universe.

        Q: Does it auto-save?
        A: Yes the game auto saves. The save button is for the paranoid ones.

        Q: Does the level influence my resource production?
        A: Every variable, including the story chapter, the level, etc. influences your resource production.

        Q: When loading the game, it asks me for my name again, what’s going on?
        A:Your name does not influence the game in any way, so it asks you again. Besides, you’re a God, you should be allowed to change names daily.

        Q: The last stock exchange option is too fast for me to profit from it. Can you slow it down?
        A: Nope, it’s a gamble! :)

        Q: What influences the drop’s power?
        A: Drop power is influenced by your device power level and your current level.