• Infectonator 2

      • Infectonator 2 is the latest in the popular series of zombie action-strategy games, your mission is to infect people and turn them into zombies.

        In the beginning you are presented a group of people walking in different directions. By making a virus explosion you infect several of them turning them into zombies. The zombies in their turn walk around and try to kill other people.

        You can maximize the destruction by using support weapons like grenades, land mines, and infectious diseases. A killed or converted human will release coins, collected by mousing over them that you can then spend for upgrading your zombie's speed, attack, defense, infection chance. While preserving the addictive chain reaction gameplay, Infectonator 2 adds more depth to the game.

        Infectonator 2 has more characters, more upgrades, better graphics and the possibility to infect entire continents one by one.
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      • Infectonator 2
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-09-26
      • Played: 4,461 views
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  • How to Play Infectonator 2

      • Infectonator 2 is controlled with the mouse, though keyboard hot keys for various actions are available.