• Iron and Seed

      • In Iron and Seed, Nature and Technology fight each other to extend their world. Take part of the conflict in this 2 player game. Collect resources to move the border, use bonuses to disturb your opponent, and win the fight!

        To win the game, you need to recover more collectibles than your opponent to move the border and crush him. Catch a bonus and activate it to get the upper hand.

        Inflicted use for reduce your opponent's speed, teleport you in your opponent's territory, reverse opponent's controls. Affected can reduce appearance's time of the opponent's collectibles. you can also lower jump height of your opponent. Invite your friends and join the fight now!

        PS: This is 2 player game. You need a number pad on your keyboard to play this game.
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      • Iron and Seed
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2012-06-07
      • Played: 5,343 views
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  • How to Play Iron and Seed

      • Player 1 :
        Move with W, A and D (or Z, Q, D for azerty keyboard).
        Active bonuses with S.

        Player 2 :
        Move with 4, 8, 6.
        Active bonuses with 5.
        Wall Jump allowed!