• Jelly Escape

      • How quickly can you escape? Are you able to do tight moves? Now it's up to you helping it escape! Run through great challenging levels, discovering lots of new features, puzzle and jellies!

        Jelly Escape is a fun action platform game where your goal is to run through the levels as fast as you can. Avoid dangers, collect energy units and unlock new skins.

        Try to collect all of the energy bonuses and reach the goal in each stage to complete the level. Touch checkpoints so that you won't have to start from the beginning of the stage and lose valuable time if you die.

        Since the beginning, there has always been a need for entertainment. With the purpose of supplying this need, Jellies are born... In this world, creatures grow with only one objective in mind: Escaping.

        - Over 50 levels

        - Over 15 bonus levels
- 18 unlockable Jelly skins
- Set jelly all over the place!

        - Special guest jellies from famous games!

        - Unlockable original sound track for download!
- Global leaderboards system!

        - Now with CHECKPOINTS!

        - Amazing victory celebrations!
- You gonna want to eat those tasty jellys! But don't!
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      • Jelly Escape
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2012-07-05
      • Played: 1,636 views
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  • How to Play Jelly Escape

      • Arrow keys / WASD = Move
        Mouse/Keyboard = Navigate
        P/Esc = Pause