• JRPG Defense: Age of Sieges

      • JRPG Defense: Age of Sieges is a classical tower defense game with RPG elements with more levels, more towers and more upgrade. Build and upgrade all your towers to defeat the evil hordes of monsters that keep coming.

        Protect your kingdom from various waves of invading monsters, eliminate them by summoning magic scrolls and different type of towers with elements such as fire, wind, earth, water or holy; place it wisely on the path if you want to win the war.

        There are 20 different trophies to unlock and six types of enemies which will keep the player alert at all times, destroy them before they reach your castle at the end of the maze to win.
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      • JRPG Defense: Age of Sieges
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-06-30
      • Played: 1,437 views
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  • How to Play JRPG Defense: Age of Sieges

      • Mouse