• King of Fighters Wing 1.7

      • King of Fighters Wing 1.7 is finally here! Again to show your king of fighters skills to your opponent and hit them with your super combo now!

        This version added new boss Igniz, Igniz(Igunisu) is the final boss in The King of Fighters 2001. Igniz is 56 years old although his beauty makes him appear much younger. His handsome and youthful appearance was specifically created at the sponsors' request. He becomes the leader of NESTS after he kills Nests. Good news is you can select him as your character to join the fight.

        King of Fighters Wing 1.7 is a super addictive fighting game for 1 or 2 players with more new characters and skills added. Likewise, your objective is to fight against your opponent and hit him with an amazing flying kick and special energy blasts, you need to put your opponent to K.O. as soon as possible and become the best fighter in the world, please see the game instruction for game control option.

        PS: this game has 27MB size, Please be patient while loading.

        Stay tuned with us for more KOF and more cool fighting games, we will release King of Fighters Wing 1.8 once it's available.
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      • King of Fighters Wing 1.7
      • Category: Fighting
      • Launched: 2012-08-04
      • Played: 31,731 views
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  • How to Play King of Fighters Wing 1.7

      • Player 1: W, A, S, D keys - To move. U, I, O, J, K, L keys - To attack. J - To enter.

        Player 2: Arrow Keys - To move. Numpad 1-6 - To attack. Number 1 - To enter.