• Knights War

      • Your finest warriors and craftsmen are awaiting your orders, Sire. Choose your commands wisely and save us in our most urgent hour of need. 

A mighty legion of enemies are approaching the Castle.

        Everything we hold dear is protected by these old stone walls: The enemy must not break through!

        Before you enter Battle read your spy report and make sure you know as much as possible about the enemies you are about to face.

        Your Castle has been long protected by it's mighty Catapults. The mighty boulders they throw can defeat any enemy stupid enough to be too close to them. Every access point to the Castle has it's own Catapult, but be warned, once used that section of the Castle is utterly defenseless.

        Gold Mines
        Your people have always been experts in mining, and they are even able to construct mines in the battlefield. You will need gold that the mines produce in order to buy and upgrade your units. The higher the level mine, the faster it will produce gold and the more damage it will be able to withstand from the enemy.

        The rocks show you where areas of extra gold are exist. Placing mines on there area will create super-mines that will produce 2 time the amount of gold. Super-mines are shown by having the golden star banner on them. Protect these mines at all costs.

        The enemy must be slowed down as they approach our castle and barricades are the simplest way of achieving this. Your carpenters and stone-masons will do everything they can inhibit the progress of the enemy. The higher the level barricade, the more damage it will be able to withstand.

        Early on in battle while you wait for the mines to produce enough gold it's essential that you create enough barricades to hold back the enemy advance.

        In the before-times your people made an alliance with the Elves. In return for you teaching them how to create steel weapons and stone buildings, they taught you the art of the longbow. With this inherited knowledge your archers have become the finest in the know Worlds.

        The higher level the archer, the faster they can fire, the more damage they can cause and the stronger their own armor is. Archers are trained to attack an advancing enemy, so they will not fire towards their own castle!

        The order of knights only accept the most celebrated warriors into it's ranks. That train for many years before attempting to join and many either quit or die trying to join. Those that do make it become devout Warrior-monks sworn the protect the kingdom from all it's enemies.

        Short range combat is what the Knight's excel in, Whether armed with Sword or Lance, they can make easy work of nearly any enemy when in close quarters.The higher their level, the stronger attack and armor they have. Use your knight to crush the enemy before they even get close to the castle or as a last resort if they have got past other defenses.

        The Cavalry division of Knights are masters of the Horse and the Blade. Most Cavalry Knights come from the Horse-Lands to the North of our Kingdom, where boys are given their first Horse to ride the same day they take their first steps of walking.

        The Cavalry combine the skills of the Archers and their Knight brothers. They can take part in both short and long range combat, either throwing their weapons or using them to slash up close. They are good all-rounders and they can withstand more damage than normal troops.

        The guild of wizards are the oldest order within our great Kingdom. The first Guild was formed even before the before-time, all the knowledge they possess reaches all the way to very secrets of creation itself.

        The Wizards will fire Magic Blasts at the on-coming enemies. These blasts will pass through enemies and barricades. The Magic Blasts are powerful enough to destroy several enemies at once, however wizards themselves wear no armor and are easily defeated in combat.

        The Trojans are a little surprise for your enemy. Created by our master craftsmen they appear to be harmless pigs, cows and horses. However, they are really cleverly disguised weapons, stuffed to the brim with exploding Black Powder (which we discovered through Eastern travels).

        The Pig is powerful enough to kill the enemy who destroyed it. he Cow can take out any enemies within 3 map units. The horse is powerful enough to destroy a whole row of enemies.
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      • Knights War
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